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Hi Tea Drinkers,   Looking for more convenience, value and unique tea offerings?   Sign up today for our Subscribe & Save service. The subscription will have "Always Free" Shipping.     Steps to Subscribe & Save Click Here Pick the teas you want to subscribe to Go into each tea's product page and click subscribe and save Check out and enter Promo Code: FREESHIP     This gets your tea delivered on a schedule that you set, for every 1-6 months. We make it easy to change flavors, frequency and pause the service anytime in your account.    Order Now   Just $0.20 - 0.50 per serving       Besides getting our best deal, you'll be adding an antioxidant rich superfood tea that...

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Healthy Lifestyles for 2019: Microgreens Health Benefits

Microgreens health benefits vary from plant to plant but as the trend of microgreens in the health and food communities rapidly increases in the US and worldwide, people want to understand the health benefits of microgreens. Many want to know so they can improve their health and wellness through nutrition found in whole plants they're already familiar with like Broccoli, Kale and Radish. If you're not familiar, Microgreens are baby vegetables and categorized as a phase in the plants life. Here are the different phases:  Phase 1 - Sprouts (2-5 days old) Phase 2 - Microgreens (10-21 days old) Phase 3 - Baby greens (15-40 days old) Phase 4 - the mature plant (45-150 days old)  The plant never has...

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What is Microtea?

They're never going to make a more nutritious version of the vegetable than during the microgreen phase (10-14 days old). A delicious and easy way to sneak a lot more nutrients and minerals into your diet.  And it pairs PERFECTLY with a delicious tea. 

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